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Meet Helman Gomez

December 30th, 2016

“I’m not the biggest fan of studying, but I’m a pretty big fan of growth and I know the only way of achieving growth is through studying.”

Meet Helman Gomez, a newly promoted Training Manager at Hagler and Associates. Originally from Colombia, South America, Gomez came to the U.S. in 2003 with his family looking for a fresh start. Fast forward thirteen years and Helman now has a family of his own. Gomez said it’s because of them that he gets up each day.

“My kids and my family always motivate me to do more. “

It’s because of this mindset that Gomez was led to Hagler and Associates. Gomez only started five weeks ago, and although he’s already been promoted twice, he said he came in with low expectations because he felt the economy wasn’t providing him with enough opportunities. However, Gomez said once he changed his perspective, he was truly rewarded.

“[I] came in here, gave a great interview, but it wasn’t just about the interview, it was about the opportunity that was given to me; that’s what really motivated me to take this in a different light. It’s not just another job, it’s me building my own career, my own future, having my own branch…ultimately having my own empire one day,” Gomez said.

When asked to give a few words of advice to those looking to start their career or begin a new path, here’s what Gomez said:

“The things that you need the most in life are energy and time; without them you can’t accomplish anything. So wasting your time and spending your energy on things you cannot control is futile. Today is what counts, but the way you approach tomorrow will set the pace.”

Helman is living up to his own advice as he continues to progress within the company day by day.