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Hagler & Associates Welcomes Recent Grads

May 30, 2019

Covington, KY- Hagler & Associates are extremely proud of all the 2019 graduates from the surrounding colleges. With alumni from Xavier University, the University of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky University on staff, Hagler & Associates offers great positions for new grads looking for careers. As a leader in their industry, Hagler & Associates has more opportunities for entry-level graduates now than ever before. With expansions plans throughout 2019, Hagler & Associates is in search of the best recent graduates to fill numerous positions.

“We’re so excited to see the quality candidates that these amazing colleges have produced. I’m looking forward to meeting and interviewing new graduates and ultimately finding our next branch manager,” says CEO Ahmad Hagler.

Graduates of all fields have an enormous opportunity with Hagler & Associates, with team members from various backgrounds in business, sports athletes, sororities, and campus club members.

“Like our Talent Acquisitions Specialist, Rochelle: she graduated from Xavier University, her major was in Psychology and Biology, yet she possessed beneficial experiences that she uses for her job duties due to her extracurricular involvement,” says Hagler. Rochelle was a Resident Assistant in her final years at Xavier University. She states, “I applied to Hagler & Associates to use my skills I learned being an RA. From organizational skills to training and development, Hagler & Associates took my best qualities and maximized them to be an asset to the company”.

Hagler & Associates entry-level positions assist with the professional development of all their team members. Starting at the basics and gradually working toward goals, the management training program is designed to be a self-monitoring system for everyone. Hagler & Associates searches for well-rounded individuals who have many skills and experiences that they learned from their college extracurricular activities.

“As a member of the American Sign Language Association and American Marketing Association, I’ve learned how these experiences have helped my communication skills and have a higher understanding of what I am capable of working independently,” says Anna Engelman.

Marketing Representative and recent Ohio State graduate, Rachel Haynes also discussed how her experience with Greek Life has been beneficial in her role with Hagler & Associates, “Being a part of Greek Life, Buckeye Coastal Connection and Women’s Undergraduate Business Association has helped shape my communication, professionalism and good mentality skills, which I use daily at Hagler & Associates.”

There are four levels of training that each employee goes through prior to qualifying for upper-level management: Marketing and Sales, Account Management, Training, and Assistant Management. Starting new hires at the entry-level Marketing and Sales roles allow team members to learn how to properly represent a client, learning the basics of the brand and how to broadcast its important features.

As an Account Manager, each employee builds on that foundation, is able to manage one account and is responsible for the sales and in-store marketing of the client.

In order to move into the position of Trainer, each team member must show developed skills in leadership and begin to manage more than one client.

Lastly, as an Assistant Manager their responsibilities shift to behind-the-scenes, where they learn how to properly scout talent, learn business financials and manage the continued growth and expansion of clients.

Although Hagler and Associates is a marketing firm it welcomes candidates from all backgrounds to join their team.