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Hagler & Associates Co-Sponsors the South Bronx Back-to-School Drive

August 19, 2019

Covington, KY - Hagler and Associates is extremely excited about the past Back-to-School drive that they co-sponsored in the Bronx. Although they are a marketing firm, they pride themselves on their ability to outreach to great causes locally and nationally. This year Hagler and Associates set their sites on the most impoverished district in America; South Bronx, NY. The South Bronx has been identified by the U.S Census Bureau as the poorest district in the Nation (39% live below the poverty line with 58% are represented as children).

This year Hagler and associates have provided the children of the South Bronx with School supplies to ensure they get off to a great start. “that’s one less thing their parents have to finance with an already limited budget,” says CEO of Hagler and Associates. Hagler and Associates provided grade school students with writing utensils, rules, erasers, backpacks and more, so they can begin their school year set up for success. “With school budget cuts along with a very low household income who will provide supplies to these kids?” says Hagler.

Hagler and Associates partnered with local small businesses to host the back-to-school drive at the Annual South Bronx block celebration. Residents from the Bronx joined in on the fun and was able to get their children supplies without spending any money. Hagler and Associates along with local businesses were able to provide over 75 kids with school supplies and educational books. “What part we play today in helping plays a huge role in future success for kids. So, if help is needed across the country, then across the country we will go,” says Hagler.