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Grand Opening of Hagler & Associates

October 12th, 2016

Columbia, MD---Ahmad Hagler, owner of the former company Global Vision Group, partners up with Shomari Smith to form Hagler & Associates. The grand opening serves as a merger from his prior business to the new company Hagler & Associates. Mr. Hagler explained it was time to close one chapter and take on a new challenge.

“We chose to merge the companies because we want to empower our team to expand our territorial footprint in order for them to have more opportunities to bring on more clients, as well as add a greater value to the partnerships we have with various Fortune 500 Companies,” Hagler said.

Mr. Hagler’s new objective is to focus on more Maryland expansion and the development of his associates into management roles. Hagler’s belief in diversity, maintaining a positive attitude, team building, leadership, humility and growth are what sets Hagler & Associates apart from his competitors.

Hagler explained that Hagler & Associates would set the new standard as it strives to provide individuals with a unique opportunity toward achievement. Mr. Hagler stresses the importance of personal and professional growth and enforces this each day by helping his associates meet their goals in order to be successful in the business. Hagler & Associates first opened its doors earlier this month, and will advance by teaching, training, and developing various people along the way.