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Hagler & Associates Welcomes New Talent Team Member Rochelle

November 8, 2018

Covington, KY- Hagler and Associates would like to congratulate Rochelle Lathan on her new role as a Talent Acquisition Specialist. Rochelle started at Hagler and Associates in March of 2018 as a sales reporter and as of November 1, 2018 has been promoted to Talent Acquisition Specialist for two new markets. Excited about her new position after giving birth to daughter Ali in July, Rochelle has worked hard to move up the latter at Hagler and Associates. 

Graduating from Xavier University (Cincinnati, OH) in 2012 Rochelle believes that “Being a RA at Xavier University has helped a lot with my organizational, social, and time management skills which has been of great use at Hagler and Associates." Having a BSBA in Psychology, Rochelle hopes to use what she’s learned at Xavier University to aid Hagler and Associates in finding and selecting the best candidates for the companies sustainability and growth.

Starting in March of 2018 Rochelle has enjoyed the competitive work environment that Hagler and Associates embodies. She feels that this encourages her to stay “up-to-date” on new tools she can use to boost her works efficiency.  Staying informed on new innovative ways to get projects done was a small challenge she has overcome through hard work and the mentorship that H&A provides.

Rochelle’s goals for her new position and for Hagler and Associates is to help the company acquire the best candidates to expand their business into more markets. She hopes to scout 5 new solid candidates to get promoted into new markets by the end of 2019.