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Hagler & Associates - Entry Level Opportunity

February 24th, 2017

Hagler & Associates offers an extraordinary opportunity for entry level professionals looking to gain the skills needed for a successful career within the business marketing industry. The company culture at Hagler & Associates is built on the philosophy that everyone must start at the entry level and all promotions to upper management are from within. All associates are cross-trained at the entry level of the business with the opportunity for promotion to management based off merit. The company’s President, Ahmad Hagler believes that the entry level side of any business teaches each employee the proper values, ethics, and skills desired in the management roles.

We caught up with a few individuals from Hagler & Associates to find out more about their experiences they have had with this opportunity.

Jessica Pabst, a young professional, has been working for Hagler & Associates for just about two years and has grown into the role as an Executive Assistant. Prior to working with Hagler & Associates, Jessica attended Centenary University and graduated with both a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and well as an Associate’s Degree in Equine Science. After graduation she landed a job in the Equine Sports Medicine Field, but was injured shortly after and unable to return to the Equine Industry. “Hagler & Associates gave me an opportunity when I was lost. Other than my Marketing degree, I had never worked in the field before. All my past experience was with horses.” Said Jessica, as we spoke about her opportunity. “Hagler & Associates gave me the guidance I needed to mold my skills, and figure out where I fit best.” Ms. Pabst worked in the entry level position for nine weeks before growing into her role as an Executive Assistant.

Dylan Kelly, a sophomore at the University of Maryland College Park, started working for Hagler & Associates in May of 2016 as a summer intern. Prior to his beginning his internship, Dylan worked at a gym daycare, but did not feel the position aligned with his future goals. Dylan explained his experience thus far by stating “Since working at Hagler & Associates I have matured in every aspect in my life, being held accountable has made all the difference.”

By working at Hagler & Associates, Dylan realized that he can do so much more with his degree than work in a lab. Dylan’s long term goal is to use his degree in Aerospace Engineering to create a product that he can build a business around. Overall, the greatest experience Dylan feels he has gained thus far is the mentorship he has gained from Ahmad Hagler and his managing partners.

Sean Kropfeld, one of Hagler & Associates newest representatives, believes that his opportunity is one of a kind. After running his own business in the wholesale industry for twenty three years, Sean’s business became internet based. It was not soon after; he took an entry level position working with the Hagler & Associates Team.

For Sean, training from the entry level has been an eye opener, but a positive experience. “I am very fortunate to not only have the opportunity for advancement to the highest level of management, but my mentors have the plan laid out for me. That is not something that is very common for companies these days” Sean reflects on his opportunity with the company. Long term, Sean plans to grow with the marketing firm and assist Hagler & Associates with their expansion.

The business structure at Hagler & Associates is clear and precise when it comes to promotions, ideal for entry level opportunity. Although all from different backgrounds, the team at Hagler & Associates has similar goals. With a team such as this, Hagler & Associates will continue to exceed market expansion goals.